Thursday, April 28, 2011

Editing Options

I thought I'd share some of my editing options for my clients so they can get a feel of what I do during my editing process.  I don't do all of these.  I alway do a color corrected one and then many times I'll do some sort of black and white option for some of the images  

  1. Color Corrected:  usually the color is a little off, so I set it back to the way it really is.  In this image, you mostly see the improvement in the train track and background.  I also sometimes help out the contrast and exposure during this process.
  2. Black and White:  the tradional, classic black and white option.
  3. Warm Tone B&W:  a warmer, "browner" version of the traditional black and white.
  4. Cross Processed:  high contrast, saturated color version of the color corrected.  Sometimes this option gets even funkier depending on the image.  I felt this image looked better with a more subdued cross process.

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